9 Oct 2013

City Experience Reflection - Letter to a Year 8

To whom it may concern,

On Monday the 16th to Friday the 20th of September, under half of year 9 went to the city, me included. We did various activities, including going to the Eureka Tower, the National Gallery and Chinatown. On Monday we took a street art tour. We viewed different forms and styles of art, learning about many artists and the meaning behind their work. After we did that, we went to the Big Issue to learn about homelessness and how they work to learn somewhat of a living. I hope you do these two activities. I feel like they closely relate to Melbourne and they were super educational. Homelessness is a huge part of Melbourne. 

I was planning of going into detail of everyday of city experience, but the rest of the week wasn’t all that interesting. On Wednesday, we went to the Eureka Tower. If you happen to be scared of heights, don’t worry about it! The view from the Eureka Tower is great. You can see everything. I’m terrified of heights. I almost started crying on the elevator after being taken in against my will, but I was fine afterwards!

Friday was spent at the National Gallery. That was pretty cool. But I take art, so I’m interested in the subject, so I don’t know about everyone else. To be honest, I don’t really see why we went there. It may have had something to do with the street art part of Melbourne and was added to show two sides of art, but I’m not really sure.
We got a heap of time for our project! When you have time to, make sure you do your project. I know my group didn’t do much during project time. We argued and went to Starbucks. We did do some work, but not much. Oops.

Here are some tips just in case!
•    Go somewhere cheap for lunch. Don’t spend over $10 a day on lunch. Don’t eat too much, either! Drink as much water as possible. Don’t buy 46 chicken nuggets.
•    Don’t take too much money into the city. Either you’ll buy too much and be carrying too much, or if it gets stolen you’ll lose a lot of money. I recommend about $10 a day for food and anything else you might buy.
•    Get on the train at Cranbourne station, or any stations that are at the beginning of the line. You’ll get a seat.
•    Don’t carry around too much! You’ll regret it. A lot.
•    For your project, group up with people you know you can work with.

That’s about it, I guess! Have fun!

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  1. Some good advice there and some honesty. That makes some entertaining and informative reading.